Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours per day is Wix 5-Day Challenge?

We have structured the course so that it is feasible for even those with busy schedules to complete. The 5-Day Wix Challenge occurs Monday-Friday, 7PM-9PM EST for every available cohort. The class totals 10 hours of instruction by the final day.

Does Wix 5-Day Challenge come with a Wix Premium Plan?

We do not provide Wix Premium Plans by default. However, this will be covered on the fifth day, and it is an optional part of the process for going live!

What happens if I miss a class?

We understand that you have a busy schedule. If you miss a class, no worries! We will send all participants a recorded version of each session after it is done. Unfortuneately due to high demand for seats, we cannot offer refunds for missed classes.

Are there refunds for missed classes?

There are no refunds for missed classes. Why? The Wix 5-Day Challenge has limited seats per cohort. Once you reserve your spot, we are unable to offer refunds, as this would be unfair to those that did not get a spot. All classes are recorded, and both the video recording and class presentation are uploaded directly after each class to a shared Google Drive created specifically for your cohort.

What happens after my cohort is over?

Once the cohort is over, you will have all the tools & knowledge needed to launch a website on Wix. Timelines do vary, so you may still have some work to do after the end of class and before officially launching your site. That is okay! Websites are meant to be fluid, ever-growing projects. Approximately 50% of students launch their sites on go-live day. Those that launch on day 5 are particularly those who put in work outside of class (highly recommended to do so). Individual results are entirely based on your effort, comprehension, preparedness, time availabiltiy, and various other personal factors. After class, you will remain in the 5-Day Wix Challenge Support Group on Slack. It is indeed a lifetime membership, and the networking, feedback, and support you will receive will absolutly aid you as you begin to refine and maintain your website in the longterm.

What type of support is offered in the 5-Day Wix Challenge Support Group on Slack?

The Slack Group is set up to support you by allowing text-based Q&A support. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about website design on Wix, and we (along with other members in the group) can even give you feedback on the look, feel, functinality, and content of your website. The Slack Group does NOT include any 1-on-1 meetings, phone calls, or design work from the 5-Day Wix Challenge team. From time to time, we may offer paid consulting sessions that are seperate from the Slack Group itself.

What type of experience should I have before taking the class?

You do not need any prior expereince building websites before taking the course. However, you should know the basics of computer usage. This would include being capable of using many programs at once, managing several active tabs from within a web browser, and other activities that would fall under "General Computer Usage".