Wix ADI vs Wix Templates

So you’ve decided to start building your first website on Wix! Very exciting, but how do you get started most efficiently? Wix gives you a couple of options on how to begin the development of your new website when you first get started. The first being using Wix ADI, and the second being choosing a template to start from. Without knowing exactly what each of these options entail, it can be a tricky decision to make. Let’s break down your options.


Wix ADI stands for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. If you choose this option, Wix will essentially take you through a series of questions about you and your future site, and then generate what it believes to be the most optimal design for your needs. From there it is customizable to an extent, allowing for you to change the color scheme, font sizes, and add animations as needed. While this may sound like a no brainer of an option, keep in mind that the site design it generates may be too basic looking, contain features you don’t need, and be difficult to customize, as you don’t have control of the look from the beginning phases.

To sum it up…

Pros: takes little time and effort to get an initial design concept, can be a good starting point if you don’t want/need to customize much.

Cons: limited customization after generation, you do not have initial control of the look and layout, will add features/elements that may not be necessary

Wix Templates

Using a template is the most popular method to beginning a new site amongst Wis users. Wix offers a wide selection of templates to start your design process with. You could browse them all if you had the time, but there are over 800 of them! Luckily, they are categorized into many groups and you can also search for the type of site you are looking to build (consulting, services, ecommerce, etc.). This is a great option because you can preview each template to view the layouts, what features are already included, and of course compare them to one another to make sure you are choosing the right fit for your needs, taste, preference, and skill. After you select a template, they are fully customizable within the Wix editor.

To sum it up…

Pros: you choose your own starting point, you have total control from the start, comparable to how powerpoint themes work

Cons: more time consuming than ADI, learning curve in the editor, can be overwhelming before you know your way around Wix’s tools and the editor in its entirety

What if I’ve started an ADI site, but decide I’d rather use the editor?

As we know now, Wix ADI does not allow for full customization after generation. Wix users who choose to go the ADI route initially often find themselves switching to the editor for this reason. Moving to the editor from ADI is actually a pretty easy process. First, you will click “Site” on the menu bar within the ADI. Next, simply click “Go To Editor” from the drop down menu.

Keep in mind that you must save your work after switching to the editor, or else your site will revert back to the ADI and your edits will be gone. Similarly, if you purposefully go back to ADI after trying out the editor, any changes and customizations made there will be discarded.

What The 5-Day Wix Challenge Recommends

So, what do we think about where you should start? At the end of the day, we highly recommend starting with a template for the reasons discussed above. It’s the same strategy our parent agency, uses as well. Wix is such an awesome tool, and although it may be out of your comfort zone at first, choosing a template and then using the editor will quickly build your skill within Wix and make you a fast pro inside the editor! Having initial say on the layout and features of your site is a huge plus, and having full customization ability throughout the development process is a must in our eyes.

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